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: We are back
: Demigod January 18, 2017, 07:56:03 AM
Hello everyone,

It's been a bit hard the last few months and forums have been very silent but things will start go on track again. Alot of changes are happening in Demigod Studios teams at the moment so it will take a while before we are back on our feet. I would like to give you some insight on what is going on with all Demigod Studios projects at the moment.

As a first step i would like to announce that we are working on releasing BioLAB for PC and more specifically on Steam. After some time being released on Google Play i think the time has come to take it to another platform so more people can enjoy it.

As for Neptune Rising we will prepare a public demo for all of you to try in order to pave the way for our crowdfunding campaign we will try to make. We have a long road ahead of us as we are trying to improve it before the public release.

As for After the Fall i have to say that the game is in a frozen state. It was a hard decision because alot of work has been done and we don't want all of this to be for nothing. In no way the project is cancelled, we just wait for the right moment in order to revive it. When we will have more news on it we will let you know.

Lastly i would like to mention that we have another unannounced project in development and we have made great progress on it. We hope to be able to reveal something in the coming months.

Stay with us for more news soon enough.

The Demigod Studios Team