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ECF User Interface Feedback
« on: July 16, 2015, 11:25:27 AM »
The GUI looks heavy and it's great :D! It feels like a post-apocalyptic setting in the 80's  :o

The Primary / Secondary objectives have more or less the same Hue value. A more clearly distinction could benefit the gameplay.

The Dialogue Panel can be anchored at the bottom of the screen to give more espace.

The Funds Element is good, but I somehow feel the red cable to be awkward laying down. Maybe if the cable doesn't pull out the box in the left corner but on the opposite side.

The Production Menu is nice and well designed. I almost can feel the touch of the buttons.

The Production Bar has an overall well design and feeling. I can understand quiclky where are my actions and the buttons help to do that. Nevetheless, the panel below the UNITS and BUILDINGS and over the 4 black square areas could be less "dirty" if you are to diaply information. Moreover, using the yellow arrows is good, but BUILDINGS cannot be read, and appears murky. Consider using a larger arrows so that UNITS is over BUILDINGS so they can be larger, thus allowing the font size of BUILDINGS to be larger. You could also replace BUILDINGS by BLDG, BLDGS, etc.


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Re: ECF User Interface Feedback
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2015, 12:17:57 PM »
Thanks for all your feedback. It is of great value to us.  :)

One small observation only. The units and buildings arrows are for decorative reasons only and don't have any functionality. ;) As for the rest of your comments we always take everyone's opinion into consideration.

Stay tuned for more announcements soon!!!